BreathMinder® . . . your personal breathing coach


U.S. Patent #7199700

Tiny, uncomplicated, silent: a device to help you learn how to pace your breathing and a gentle reminder to do your breathing.  You can read about the benefits below and on the other pages of this site, but the important thing is to learn proper breathing – and then remember to do it – to feel better.  Place an order here.


Tiny and lightweight to conceal almost anywhere

Handy built-in battery compartment with slide door

Spring clip on back                        


Proper breathing  is an important way of reducing feelings of fear, depression, and anxiety. While simple in concept, proper breathing requires practice.

It is my experience that in my life-long history of panic and anxiety attacks, if I do not make a conscious effort to do deep cleansing breaths, the anxiety and stress builds up and then it is too late to use breathing exercises to calm myself. The cortisol, adrenaline, too much carbon dioxide (and not enough oxygen) build up, then comes the anxious/stress feelings. My invention (BreathMinder) is a preventive device that reminds me to keep the above from happening.

A famous Natural Healing physician who appeared regularly on the Oprah show states,

“The most effective and time-efficient relaxation method I know is to practice breathing exercises regularly. My patients have used these simple techniques not only to center themselves but also to address various health problems, from stopping panic attacks to improving digestion.” (emphasis added)

He goes on to say:

“If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.”

There’s more detail on breathing technique on other pages of this web site, but for now, consider that shallow “chest breathing” does not deliver a sufficient flow of oxygen and can get imbalanced by carbon dioxide and trigger a panic response. People who learn how to breathe from their diaphragm, hold that breath, and then slowly exhale find that they can reduce the frequency of panic attacks – some even eliminate them alltogether! Something as simple as breathing correctly can promote general health in addition to relieving stress – as many documented studies have shown.

The problem I have is remembering to breathe! I’ll get focused on a task or get “lost” at the computer like we all do, and an hour or two will zip by and I will have not taken a proper breath, a sip of water, stretch, or anything. Hasn’t that happened to you?

I carried a kitchen timer in my purse, tried my wristwatch alarm, even the alarm setting on my cell phone. They were loud and people kept asking me “was that you?” or “what was that!?!” I didn’t like the attention it caused – besides, they were clunky devices, had to be reset each time, and were a real chore to program. I even tried to pace my breathing exercises to a local radio station that gave the weather every 15 minutes; after a while, the radio became just part of the background noise and that didn’t work, either.

The solution came with my husband’s help – we found a manufacturer who was willing to modify a timer to my exact specifications: I wanted something simple (no programming) and something quiet (I didn’t want to attract attention.) I wanted it to be tiny and have only one control – “on” and “off.” And, I wanted it inexpensive and effective. They made it and I call it “The BreathMinder.” It meets all of my specifications and it reminds me to do my breathing.

BreathMinder is a device that is used to assist you as you learn proper breathing technique. First, you learn how to breathe correctly, then the BreathMinder will help you to stay “on program” with gentle silent alarms. And, if your doctor thinks it will help you, it should be covered by your insurance, too.


Page last updated February 20, 2018