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These important links can provide additional information regarding anxiety, panic, breathing, and related issues.



    • The Self Therapy organization is an information exchange for anxiety sufferers, and content should NOT be considered as professional medical advice. They do not allow any commercial posting, advertising or affiliate linking.
    • Attacking Anxiety Program & the Midwest Center – Official Site
      Lucinda Bassett’s Attacking Anxiety and Depression program is the #1 non-pharmaceutical depression and anxiety solution. 902,417 people have been helped to overcome stress, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.
    • The author of “It’s Okay to Have Anxiety….Really!” – Kristen L. Baker, M.L.C., has a web site devoted to practical ways to deal with stress, anxiety, and panic, which can be viewed at
    • A professional classical singer and a voice teacher now devotes much of her time to sharing her years of breathing expertise with those other than classical musicians. She shares her extensive knowledge of proper breathing in her book (in its 4th edition and translated into 10 languages,) video, DVD, and her website at “must see” site.
    • Here’s a great site a lot like mine, but in England www.anxiety2calm.comThe site is set up to highlight the easiest ways of tackling anxiety, preventing panic attacks, and overcoming phobias.
    • I found an interesting site from England that is relayed from a personal perspective. It is a new site dedicated to helping people who suffer at the hands of panic. Awarded 5* by the UK Mental Health Foundation, you can view it at
    • Learn about depression and how you can cope with it and defeat it at
    • You can access a comprehensive and easy to follow guide to panic attacks and anxiety related disorders and the available treatments at
    • A personal web resource for anxiety, depression and general mental health. Information for adults and children can be found at
    • Resources and information for anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety and depression related disorders can be found at
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Since everyone can benefit from better breathing, devoted to Dennis Lewis’ work with breathing and how it relates to consciousness and wholeness. Dennis has published books and numerous articles regarding the power of proper breathing.


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